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Contact us as soon as possible and provide a new address,
Unshipped orders: We will modify and confirm with you before arranging delivery;
Orders that have already been sent: We will provide the logistics order number and the information of the delivery company;
You need to wait for the order to arrive at your local area, and you will contact the delivery company to modify it.

After the order is shipped, we will send you the courier number by email.

Take the United States as an example (most countries are the same):
Postal delivery: 7-15 days to receive
Express delivery: 3-7 days, usually within 5 days.
However, some countries may cause delays due to some special circumstances, such as slow customs clearance, COVID-19, and other natural disasters.

For orders that provide wrong addresses, you can contact them before delivery by the courier company, and provide the courier number to let them modify the address

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We will display a size chart on each product page, or view it through the size assistant.
We support customization of any size and style, you can measure your custom size through our size measurement page and send us the picture or video of the character you want to customize by email. size measurement

Cosplay Costume: Shipment within 3-10 days (need to be customized)
Non-Cosplay Costume: Shipped within 2-5 days
If you have an urgent order, you can contact us.

Ionestar is sold to various countries around the world

By default, we send combined orders for orders from the same user at the same address. If you need to send them separately, you can notify us in a note.

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